About us

We have committed more than 22 years of our experience to transform your ambition to success and dreams to reality. We understand the passion and the sweat that goes into making your soul space and we are with you, helping you overcome every obstacle in this arduous and challenging journey; a journey that will turn out to be a pleasant and memorable one.

We build HOMES and structures and do all that is needed for that!

Architectural design which optimizes your space, complies with Vaastu and also takes care of aesthetics. Statutory compliances to ensure that your project goes through without hassles. Computer aided Structural design that ensures a sturdy and robust structure. Smooth project execution based on PERT charts that ensure timely completion of your construction. Experienced and skilled craftsmen who carry out their job to finesse and perfection. Liaise with banks to take care of your financial needs (home or commercial loans). All these in a surprisingly cost effective way.

On the lighter vein: We could manage your Gruhapravesham event too and hand over the keys!!

A team of architects, engineers & skilled craftsmen with decades of experience are at your service.